Controls the settings for font style, size, and color of the y-axis tick labels on a graph.


plotSetYTicLabelFontLabel(&myPlot, font[, fontSize[, fontColor]])
  • &myPlot (struct pointer) – A plotControl structure pointer.

  • font (string) – Font or font family name.

  • fontSize (scalar) – Optional argument, font size in points.

  • fontColor (string) – Optional argument, named color or RGB value.


// Declare plotControl structure
struct plotControl myPlot;

// Initialize plotControl structure
myPlot = plotGetDefaults("hist");

// Set the y-axis label font, label font size, and
// label color
plotSetYTicLabelFont(&myPlot, "Arial", 12, "blue");

// Create data
x = rndn(1e5,1);

// Plot a histogram of the x data spread over 50 bins
plotHist(myPlot, x, 50);


This function sets an attribute in a plotControl structure. It does not affect an existing graph, or a new graph drawn using the default settings that are accessible from the Tools > Preferences > Graphics menu.