Getting Started

The Optimization MT module contains a set of procedures for the solution of the optimization problem.

GAUSS version 16+ is required to use these routines.

The Optimization MT 2.0 version number is stored in a global variable:


3x1 matrix the first element contains the major version number, the second element the minor version number, and the third element the revision number.

If you contact technical support, you may be asked for the version of your Optimization MT license.


If there is a README.optmt file, it contains any last-minute information on the Optimization MT 2.0 procedures. Please read it before using them.


In order to use the procedures in Optimization MT or OPTMT module, the OPTMT library must be active. This is done by including ‘optmt’ in the library statement at the top of your program or command file:

library optmt;

This enables GAUSS to find the OPTMT procedures.