Sets absolute margins for the plot axes which control placement and size of plot. NOTE: This function is for the deprecated PQG graphics.




axmargin(l, r, t, b)
  • l (scalar) – the left margin in inches.

  • r (scalar) – the right margin in inches.

  • t (scalar) – the top margin in inches.

  • b (scalar) – the bottom margin in inches.


The statement:

library pgraph;
axmargin(1, 1, .5, .855);

will create a plot area of 7 inches horizontally by 5.5 inches vertically, and positioned 1 inch right and .855 up from the lower left corner of the graphic panel/page.


axmargin() sets an absolute distance from the axes to the edge of the graphic panel. Note that the user is responsible for allowing enough space in the margin if axes labels, numbers and title are used on the graph, since axmargin() does not size the plot automatically as in the case of margin.

All input inch values for this procedure are based on a full size window of 9x6.855 inches. If this procedure is used within a graphic panel, the values will be scaled to window inches automatically.

If both margin() and axmargin() are used for a graph, axmargin() will override any sizes specified by margin.