Finds the index of one string within another string. Searches from the end of the string to the beginning.


y = strrindx(where, what, start)
  • where (string or scalar) – the data to be searched.

  • what (string or scalar) – the substring to be searched for in where.

  • start (scalar) – the starting point of the search in where for an occurrence of what. where will be searched from this point backward for what.


y (scalar) – contains the index of the last occurrence of what, within where, which is less than or equal to start. If no occurrence is found, it will be 0.


A negative value for start causes the search to begin at the end of the string. An example of the use of strrindx() is extracting a file name from a complete path specification:

path = "/gauss/src/ols.src";
ps = "/";
pos = strrindx(path, ps, -1);
if pos;
   name = strsect(path, pos+1, strlen(path)-pos);
   name = "";

The above code makes the following assignments:

pos = 11

name = ols.src

See also

Functions strindx(), strlen(), strsect(), strput()