Sets the line styles for a graph.


plotSetLineStyle(&myPlot, newStyle)
  • &myPlot (struct pointer) – A plotControl structure pointer.
  • newStyle (matrix) –

    new line styles. Options include:

    1 Solid line.
    2 Dash line.
    3 Dot line.
    4 Dash-Dot line.
    5 Dash-Dot-Dot line.


// Declare plotControl structure
struct plotControl myPlot;

// Initialize plotControl structure
myPlot = plotGetDefaults("xy");

// Set line 1 as a solid line,
// set line 2 as a dash line, etc.
newStyle = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 };
plotSetLineStyle(&myPlot, newStyle);

// Create data
x = seqa(0.1, 1, 50);
y = sin(x)~cos(x);

// Plot the data with the new line styles
plotXY(myPlot, x, y);


This function sets an attribute in a plotControl structure. It does not affect an existing graph, or a new graph drawn using the default settings that are accessible from the Tools > Preferences > Graphics menu. See the GAUSS Graphics chapter for more information on the methods available for customizing your graphs.