dataloop (dataloop)


Specifies the beginning of a data loop.


dataloop infile outfile
Parameters:infile (string variable or literal) – the name of the source dataset.
Returns:outfile (string variable or literal) – the name of the output dataset.


src = "source";

// Dataloop section
dataloop ^src dest;
  make newvar = x1 + x2 + log(x3);
  x6 = sqrt(x4);
  keep x6, x5, newvar;

Here, src is a string variable requiring the caret (^) operator, while dest is a string literal.


The statements between the dataloop... endata commands are assumed to be metacode to be translated at compile time. The data from infile is manipulated by the specified statements, and stored to the dataset outfile. Case is not significant within the dataloop... endata section, except for within quoted strings. Comments can be used as in any GAUSS code.