Adds a bar or a set of bars to an existing graph.


plotAddBar([myPlot, ]val, ht)
  • myPlot (struct) – Optional argument. A plotControl structure

  • val (Nx1 numeric vector or Nx1 string array) –

    bar labels.

    Scalar 0

    a sequence from 1 to rows(ht) will be created.


    val represents the label indices.

    String array

    val represents labels and the bar is added to the existing matching label. If the label in val is not found on the existing graph, the label and associated bar is added to the end of the plot window.

  • ht (NxK numeric vector) –

    bar heights.

    K overlapping or side-by-side sets of N bars will be graphed.


plotAddBar() may only add bars to 2-D graphs.

This function will not change any of the current graph’s settings other than to resize the view as necessary to display the new curve.