Sets a contiguous subarray of an N-dimensional array.


setarray a, loc, src;


param a:

(N-dimensional array) destination


(vector) Mx1 vector of indices into the array to locate the subarray of interest where \(M\) is a value from 1 to \(N\).


([N-M]-dimensional array, matrix, or scalar) data


a = arrayalloc(2|3|4|5|6, 0);
src = arrayinit(4|5|6, 5);
loc = { 2, 1 };
setarray a, loc, src;

This example sets the contiguous 4x5x6 subarray of a beginning at [2,1,1,1,1] to the array src, in which each element is set to the specified value 5.


setarray resets the specified subarray of a in place, without making a copy of the entire array. Therefore, it is faster than putarray.

If loc is an Nx1 vector, then src must be a scalar. If loc is an [N-1]x1 vector, then src must be a 1-dimensional array or a 1xL vector, where \(L\) is the size of the fastest moving dimension of the array. If loc is an [N-2]x1 vector, then src must be a KxL matrix, or a KxL 2-dimensional array, where \(K\) is the size of the second fastest moving dimension.

Otherwise, if loc is an Mx1 vector, then src must be an [N-M]-dimensional array, whose dimensions are the same size as the corresponding dimensions of array a.

See also

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