Splits a string vector into a string array of the individual tokens. Pads on the right with null strings.


sa = strsplitPad(sv, n_cols)
  • sv (Nx1 string array) – data
  • n_cols (scalar) – number of columns of output string array.

sa (Nxn_cols string array) – original string vectors, split into individual tokens.


string sv = {
   "alpha beta gamma",
   "delta, epsilon, zeta, eta",
   "theta iota kappa"

 sa = strsplitPad(sv, 4);

After the code above, sa will be equal to:

"alpha"    "beta" "gamma"    ""
"delta" "epsilon"  "zeta" "eta"
"theta"    "iota" "kappa"    ""


Rows containing more than n_cols tokens are truncated and rows containing fewer than n_cols tokens are padded on the right with null strings. The following characters are considered delimiters between tokens:

space ASCII 32
tab ASCII 9
comma ASCII 44
newline ASCII 10
carriage return ASCII 13

Tokens containing delimiters must be enclosed in single or double quotes or parentheses. Tokens enclosed in single or double quotes will NOT retain the quotes upon translation. Tokens enclosed in parentheses WILL retain the parentheses after translation. Parentheses cannot be nested.

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