Returns a 1 if the database supports the specified feature.


ret = dbHasFeature(db_id, feature)
  • db_id (scalar) – database connection index number.
  • feature (scalar) –

    one of the following predefined scalars:

    Supported Define Description
    Yes DB_TRANSACTIONS Whether the driver supports SQL transactions.
    Yes DB_QUERY_SIZE Whether the database is capable of reporting the size of a query. Note that some databases do not support returning the size (i.e. number of rows returned) of a query. This can affect the performance when fetching results using functions like dbQueryFetchAllM() or dbQueryFetchAllSA()
    No DB_BLOB Whether the driver supports Binary Large Object fields.
    No DB_UNICODE Whether the driver supports Unicode strings if the database server does.
    Yes DB_PREPARED_QUERIES Whether the driver supports prepared query execution.
    Yes DB_NAMED_PLACEHOLDERS Whether the driver supports the use of named placeholders.
    Yes DB_POSITIONAL_PLACEHOLDERS Whether the driver supports the use of positional placeholders.
    Yes DB_LAST_INSERT_ID Whether the driver supports returning the Id of the last touched row.
    Yes DB_BATCH_OPERATIONS Whether the driver supports batched operations, see dbExecQueries().
    Yes DB_SIMPLE_LOCKING Whether the driver disallows a write lock on a table while other queries have a read lock on it.
    Yes DB_LOW_PRECISION_NUMBERS Whether the driver allows fetching numerical values with low precision.
    No DB_EVENT_NOTIFICATIONS Whether the driver supports database event notifications.
    Yes DB_FINISH_QUERY Whether the driver can do any low-level resource cleanup when dbQueryFinish() is called.
    No DB_MULTIPLE_RESULT_SETS Whether the driver can access multiple result sets returned from batched statements or stored procedures.
    No DB_CANCEL_QUERY Whether the driver allows cancelling a running query.

ret (scalar) – 1 if the database supports the specified feature, or 0 if not.


// Set database connection index number
db_id = dbAddDatabase("MYSQL");

// Create empty query
qid = dbCreateQuery(db_id);

** Use dbHasFeature to set up a
** conditional query
if dbHasFeature(db_id, DB_NAMED_PLACEHOLDERS);
     dbQueryPrepare(qid, "SELECT * FROM GDP WHERE COUNTRY = :country");
     dbQueryBindValue(qid, ":country", "USA");
     dbQueryPrepare(qid, "SELECT * FROM GDP WHERE COUNTRY = ?");
     dbQueryAddBindValue(qid, "USA");



Note that some databases need to be opened with dbOpen() before this can be determined.