Returns the number of sheets in an Excel® spreadsheet.


nsheets = xlsGetSheetCount(file)#

file (string) – name of .xls or .xlsx file.


nsheets (scalar) – sheet count or an error code.


Windows, Linux and macOS


Example 1: Basic usage#

Determine the number of sheets in the example data file, yarn.xlsx, with the following code:

// File name with full path
fname = getGAUSShome() $+ "examples/yarn.xlsx";
nsheets = xlsGetSheetCount(fname);

Example 2: Error handling with trap#

If you do not want your program to terminate in the case of an error in this function, you can set the trap state as in the example below.

// Turn on trap
trap 1;

fname = "non-existant-file.xlsx";

nsheets = xlsGetSheetCount(fname);

// Check to see if xlsGetSheetCount returned an error code
if scalmiss(nsheets);
    // Code to execute in error case here
    print "xlsGetSheetCount failed";


If xlsGetSheetCount() fails, it will either terminate with an error message or return a scalar error code, which can be decoded with scalerr, depending on the lowest order bit of the trap flag.

trap 0

Print error message and terminate program.

trap 1

Return scalar error code which can be checked for with scalmiss().