csrcol, csrlin


Returns the position of the cursor.


p = csrcol()
p = csrlin()

p (scalar) – row or column position.


// Find current row and column
// position of the cursor
r = csrlin();
c = csrcol();

// Clear the command window

** Re-position the cursor to its location before the program
** input/output window was cleared
locate r,c;

In this example the screen is cleared without affecting the cursor position.


p will contain the current column or row position of the cursor on the screen. The upper left corner is (1,1).

csrcol() returns the column position of the cursor. csrlin() returns the row position.

The locate commmand allows the cursor to be positioned at a specific row and column.

csrcol() returns the cursor column with respect to the current output line, i.e., it will return the same value whether the text is wrapped or not. csrlin() returns the cursor line with respect to the top line in the window.

See also

Functions cls(), locate