Prints a header for a report.


headermt(prcnm, dataset, ver, header, title)
  • prcnm (string) – name of procedure that calls header.
  • dataset (string) – name of dataset.
  • ver (2x1 numeric vector) – the first element is the major version number of the program, the second element is the revision number. Normally this argument will be the version/revision global (__??_ver) associated with the module within which header() is called. This argument will be ignored if set to 0.
  • header (string) –

    contains one or more of the following letters:

    t title is to be printed
    l lines are to bracket the title
    d a date and time is to be printed
    v version number of program is to be printed
    f file name being analyzed is to be printed
  • title (string) – title for header.


// The procedure name
proc_name = "myProcedure";

// The dataset name
dataset = "mydataset";

// Version number of program
ver = 1|1;

// Define title
title = "My procedure is the best";

** Specify header design to include
** title, brackets, and date and time
** and filename
header = "tlvf"

headermt(proc_name, dataset, ver, header, title);

This will print to the screen :

                   My procedure is the best
myProcedure  Version 1.00 (R1)
                       dataset:  mydataset