Opens a new, empty graphic window to be used by the next drawn graph.




// Create data
x = rndn(10000, 1);
x2 = rndn(10000, 1);
x3 = rndn(10000, 1);

// Plot first vector as a percentage histogram with 30 bins
plotHistP(x, 30);

// Plot second vector, drawing over the previously created
// graph.
plotHistP(x2, 30);

// Create a new graphic window and plot the second vector as
// a percentage histogram with 30 bins inside this new
// window.

// Draw the graph
plotHistP(x3, 30);


To automatically open each new graph in a new graph window, use plotSetNewWindow() or set the preference in the main application menu. This may be found by selecting Tools > Preferences and then clicking on Graphics on the left side of the preferences window.

If you select the radio button next to New Window at the top of the graphics preferences window, each new graph will be automatically drawn in a new graphics window.