Opens a new, empty graphic window to be used by the next drawn graph.




// Create data
x = rndn(10000, 1);
x2 = rndn(10000, 1);
x3 = rndn(10000, 1);

// Plot first vector as a percentage histogram with 30 bins
plotHistP(x, 30);

// Plot second vector, drawing over the previously created
// graph.
plotHistP(x2, 30);

// Create a new graphic window and plot the second vector as
// a percentage histogram with 30 bins inside this new
// window.

// Draw the graph
plotHistP(x3, 30);


To automatically open each new graph in a new graph window, use plotSetNewWindow() or set the preference in the main application menu. This may be found by selecting Tools > Preferences and then clicking on Graphics on the left side of the preferences window.

If you select Open a new tab next to When a graph is added at the top of the graphics preferences window on the General tab, each new graph will be automatically drawn in a new graphics window.

See also

Functions plotSave(), plotCustomLayout(), plotCloseWindow(), plotSetNewWindow(), plotCanvasSize()