Set one (or more) parameters for a given DBnomics API call. This function can both create a parameter or update an existing parameter set if the last argument is provided.

Use of this function is optional as all arguments can be specified inline with any associated DBnomics API call.


x = dbnomics_set(key, value[, keyN, valueN[, ...[, existing_map]]])
  • key (string) – The parameter name to set.

  • value (Dataframe) – The parameter value to set. If this paramater is a vector, it is converted to an array before being sent to the DBnomics API.

  • existing_map – Optional. An existing map to update. If not specified, a new map is returned.


x (Dataframe) – Parameter map.


args = dbnomics_set("limit", 2);
x = dbnomics_search("GDP", args);

x will be equal

            code      description         dir_hash       indexed_at             name nb_matching_seri        nb_series    provider_code    provider_name
CHELEM-TRADE-IND CHELEM-TRADE-IND                . 2022-09-02T09:35 CHELEM - Interna        683775.00        797349.00            CEPII Centre d'études
     gov_10a_exp                . 2022-10-30T23:36                .                .        369772.00        1299223.0            CEPII                .