Packs general matrix or array into a PV instance with name and index.


p1 = pvPacki(p1, x, nm, i)
  • p1 (struct) – an instance of structure of type PV

  • x (MxN matrix or N-dimensional array) – data

  • nm (string) – name of matrix or array, or null string.

  • i (scalar) – index of matrix or array in lookup table.


p1 (struct) – instance of PV struct.


y = rndn(100, 1);
x = rndn(100, 5);

// Declare 'p1' as an instance of a 'PV' structure
struct PV p1;

// Initialize 'p1' with default values
p1 = pvCreate;

// Pack the variables in with a variable name and an index
p1 = pvPacki(p1, y, "Y", 1);
p1 = pvPacki(p1, x, "X", 2);

These matrices can be extracted using the pvUnpack() command, indicating the variable to unpack either by index or by variable name:

// Unpack variables by index
y = pvUnpack(p1, 1);
x = pvUnpack(p1, 2);

// Unpack variables by variable name
y = pvUnpack(p1, "Y");
x = pvUnpack(p1, "X");

See also

Functions pvPack(), pvUnpack()