Accepts a list of names of global matrices, and concatenates the corresponding matrices horizontally to form a single matrix.


x = mergevar(vnames)
Parameters:vnames (string or Kx1 column vector) – names of K global matrices
Returns:x (NxM matrix) – contains the concatenated matrices where M is the sum of the columns in the K matrices specified in vnames.


// Random integers between 1 and 72
age = ceil(72 * rndu(100, 1));

// Random normal numbers with a mean of 70 and a standard
// deviation of 10
income = 10 * rndn(100, 1) + 70;

// Vertically concatenate the strings
vnames = "age"$|"income";

// Merge the variables into 1 matrix
agInc = mergevar(vnames);

The column vectors age and income will be concatenated horizontally to create agInc. The above call to mergevar() is equivalent to:

// Combine the matrices using the horizontal concatenation
// operator
agInc = age~income;


The matrices specified in vnames must be globals and they must all have the same number of rows.

This function is the opposite of makevars().



See also

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