Gets information about all of the variables in a GAUSS Data Archive and returns it in an array of gdavartable structures.


vtab = gdaGetVarInfo(filename)
Parameters:filename (string) – name of data file.
Returns:vtab (Nx1 array) –

Contains gdavartable structures, where N is the number of variables in filename, containing the following members:

vtab[i].name string, name of variable.
vtab[i].type scalar, type of variable.
vtab[i].orders Mx1 vector or scalar, orders of the variable.


// Declare gdaVarTable structure
struct gdaVarTable vtab;

vtab = gdaGetVarInfo("myfile.gda");


The size of vtab.orders is dependent on the type of the variable as follows:

Variable Type vtab.orders
array Mx1 vector, where M is the number of dimensions in the array, containing the sizes of each dimension, from the slowest-moving dimension to the fastest-moving dimension.
matrix 2x1 vector containing the rows and columns of the matrix, respectively.
string scalar containing the length of string, excluding the null terminating byte.
string array 2x1 vector containing the rows and columns of the string array, respectively.

vtab.type may contain any of the following:

6 matrix
13 string
15 string array
21 array