Returns a string array of labels assigned to a categorical or string variable.


x_labels_sa = getColLabelValues(X[, columns])
  • X (NxK dataframe) – data with metadata.

  • columns (Mx1 vector or string array) – Optional argument, the names or indicies of the categorical or string variables in X to get labels from. Default = all columns.


x_labels_sa (NxM string array) – labels assigned to each row of the categorical or string variables in X specified by columns.


// Load 3 variables from an NBA data file into a dataframe
fname = getGAUSShome $+ "examples/nba_ht_wt.xls";
nba_ht_wt = loadd(fname, "str(Player) + Age + str(School)");

// Get player names and schools
player_schools = getColLabelValues(nba_ht_wt, "Player"$|"School");

After the above code, player_schools will be a string array with two columns. Each column will contain all string labels from the corresponding variable from the nba_ht_wt dataframe. The first few rows will look like this:

 Vitor Faverani         None
  Avery Bradley        Texas
   Keith Bogans     Kentucky
Jared Sullinger   Ohio State

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