dotfeq, dotfge, dotfgt, dotfle, dotflt, dotfne


Fuzzy comparison functions. These functions use _fcmptol to fuzz the comparison operations to allow for roundoff error.


y = dotfeq(a, b)
y = dotfge(a, b)
y = dotfgt(a, b)
y = dotfle(a, b)
y = dotflt(a, b)
y = dotfne(a, b)
  • a (NxK matrix) – first matrix.

  • b (LxM matrix) – second matrix, ExE compatible with a.


y (max(N,L) by max(K,M)) – matrix of 1’s and 0’s.

Global Input


scalar, comparison tolerance. The default value is 1.0e-15.


x = pi * ones(2, 2);
y = x;

y[1,1] = pi + 1e-14;
y[1,2] = pi + 3e-16;

// Test for elements where 'x' is > 'y'
t = dotfge(x, y);

If _fcmptol is equal to 1e-15, then

t = 0.00 1.00
    1.00 1.00

Continuing with the data above:

// Test for elements where 'x' is < 'y '
t = dotflt(x, y);
t = 1.00 0.00
    0.00 0.00


The return value is 1 if TRUE and 0 if FALSE.

The statement:

y = dotfeq(a, b);

is equivalent to:

// Is the absolute difference between the
// corresponding elements of 'a' and 'b'
// less than or equal to '_fcmptol'?
y = abs(a - b) .<= _fcmptol;

The calling program can reset _fcmptol before calling these procedures. For example:

_fcmptol = 1e-12;



See also

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