Generate frequency plot of categorical data.


plotFreq([myPlot, ]x, column[, sort])
  • myPlot (Struct) – Optional argument, a plotControl structure.

  • x (NxK matrix) – data.

  • column (Scalar) – Categorical variable to be plotted.

  • sort – Optional, indicator to sort from most frequent to least frequent categories. Set to 1 to sort. Default = 0.


Example 1: Default settings

// Load data
fname = getGAUSSHome("examples/auto2.dta");
auto2 = loadd(fname);

// Frequency plot
plotFreq(auto2, "rep78");

Example 2: Sorted bars

To create a sorted table, use the optional sort input:

// Frequency plot
plotFreq(auto2, "rep78", 1);

Example 3: Adding a title

Any frequency plot can be customized using a plotControl structure:

// Declare plotControl structure
struct plotControl myPlt;
myPlt = plotGetDefaults("bar");

// Set title
plotSetTitle(&myPlt, "Frequency of `Rep78`");

// Frequency plot
plotFreq(myPlt, auto2, "rep78", 1);

See also

Functions plotHist(), plotHistP(), plotHistF()