Saves the current state of the machine to a compiled file. All procedures, global matrices and strings will be saved.


saveall fname;



(literal or ^string) the path and filename of the compiled file to be created.


The file extension will be .gcg.

A file will be created containing all your matrices, strings, and procedures. No main code segment will be saved. This just means it will be a .gcg file with no main program code (see compile). The rest of the contents of memory will be saved, including all global matrices, strings, functions and procedures. Local variables are not saved. This can be used inside a program to take a snapshot of the state of your global variables and procedures. To reload the compiled image, use run or use.

library pgraph;
external proc xy,logx,logy,loglog,hist;
saveall pgraph;

This would create a file called pgraph.gcg, containing all the procedures, strings and matrices needed to run Publication Quality Graphics programs. Other programs could be compiled very quickly with the following statement at the top of each:

use pgraph;

See also

Functions compile, run, use