Calls a function or procedure when the returned value is not needed and can be ignored, or when the procedure is defined to return nothing.


call function_name();
call function_name(argument_list);


// Create a positive definte matrix
x = moment(rndn(100, 4), 0);

// Call chol function
call chol(x);

// y is the determinant
y = detl;

The above example is the fastest way to compute the determinant of a positive definite matrix. The result of chol() is discarded and detl is used to retrieve the determinant that was computed during the call to chol().


This is useful when you need to execute a function or procedure and do not need the value that it returns. It can also be used for calling procedures that have been defined to return nothing.

function_name can be any intrinsic GAUSS function, a procedure (proc), or any valid expression.

See also

keyword proc