Parses a string, returning a character vector of tokens.


tok = parse(str, delim)
  • str (string) – consists of a series of tokens and/or delimiters

  • delim (NxK matrix) – character matrix of delimiters that might be found in str


tok (Mx1 vector) – consists of the tokens contained in str. All tokens are returned; any delimiters found in str are ignored.


names = "GDP;GNP;M1;M2";
namesVec = parse(names, ";");

// The '$' is used when printing character vectors
print $namesVec;

The code above will return:

obs = 1000;
names = "Age,Weight,Height";

// Create uniform random integers between 1 and 77
data1 = ceil(77 * rndu(obs, 1));

// Create normal random integers centered at 100 with a
// standard deviation of 9
data2 = ceil(100 + 9*rndn(obs, 1));

// Create uniform random numbers between 0 and 60
data3 = ceil(60 * rndu(obs, 1));

// Horizontally concatenate data into 'obs'x3 matrix
data = data1~data2~data3;

// Print the data using the procedure below
printStats(names, data);

// Create procedure to take our data, calculate some basic
// stats and print them
proc (0) = printStats( names, data);
   local title, vars, sepVars;

   // Set to print with 6 spaces between numbers and 0
   // digits after the decimal
   format /rd 6,0;

   // Create the titles to print for each column
   title = parse("var,mean,max,min", ",");

   // Extract the substrings from 'names' into a character
   // array using the comma as a separator between tokens
   sepVars = parse(names, ",");
   print "-----------------------------------";

   // The '$' tells GAUSS to print as character data
   print $title';
   print "-----------------------------------"

   // Loop through as many times as there are rows in
   for i( 1, rows(sepVars), 1);
      // Two semi-colons at the end of a print statement
      // prevents a new-line after the print
      print $sepVars[i];;
      print meanc(data[., i]);;
      print maxc(data[., i]);;
      print minc(data[., i]);
   print "-----------------------------------";

The code above will produce output like this:

   var   mean    max    min
   Age     38     77      1
Weight    101    135     75
Height     31     60      1


The tokens in str must be 8 characters or less in size. This is because they are returned in a character vector in which each element is represented as a double precision value. If they are longer, the contents of tok is unpredictable. Use string arrays to create arrays of text with elements longer than 8 characters.

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