Converts a string array to a numeric matrix.


x = strtof(sa)
Parameters:sa (NxK string array) – numeric data.
Returns:x (NxK matrix) – converted string array.


// Create a string array
string sa = { "1.1" "2.2" "3.3",
              "4.4" "5.5" "6.6" };
num = strtof(sa);

After the code above, num is a numeric matrix with the following values:

1.100  2.200 3.300
4.400  5.500 6.600


Elements with more than one numerical character separated by a delimiter such as a comma or a space will be interpreted as complex data. For example, the string:

"1.2 1.9"

will be converted into the number:

1.2 + 1.9i

Parentheses surrounding the numerical elements in the string will be ignored as will be a following i. The following strings will be interpreted as the same by strtof().

"(2.31 4.72)""2.31 4.73""2.31,4.73i"

See also

Functions strtofcplx(), ftostrC()