Converts an NxM string array to an Nx1 string vector by combining each element in a column separated by a user-defined delimiter string.


y = strjoin(sa, delim[, qchar])
  • sa (NxM string array) – data
  • delim (1x1 or 1xM or Mx1 string) – delimiter string.
  • qchar (scalar, 2x1, or 1x2 string vector) –

    Optional input, containing quote characters as required:

    scalar: Use this character as quote character.
      If this is 0, no quotes are added.
    2x1 or 1x2 string vector: Contains left and right quote characters.
    Default value is 0 (no quotes).  

y (Nx1 string vector) – result.


Example 1

// Create a 1x4 string array
s = "alpha" $~ "beta" $~ "gamma" $~ "delta";

// Combine the string array into a single comma-separated string
varnames = strjoin(s, ",");

After the above code, varnames will be a single string with the following contents:


Example 2

// Create 1x3 string array
s = "GDP" $~ "Gross Exports" $~ "Net Exports";

// Create single string separated by spaces
// with each element surrounded by a single tic '
names = strjoin(s, " ", "'");

After the above code, names should be equal to the string:

"'GDP' 'Gross Exports' 'Net Exports'"


  • strjoin() differs from strcombine() by not adding a delimiter after the last element.
  • In the case where the input has only 1 column, the delimiter is ignored.



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