Graphs data using the box graph percentile method.


This function uses the deprecated PQG graphics. Use plotBox() instead.




box(grp, y)
  • grp (1xM vector) – This contains the group numbers corresponding to each column of y data. If scalar 0, a sequence from 1 to cols(y) will be generated automatically for the x-axis.
  • y (NxM matrix) – Each column represents the set of y values for an individual percentiles box symbol.

Global Input


5x1 vector, controls box style, width, and color.

[1] box width between 0 and 1. If zero, the box plot is drawn as two vertical lines representing the quartile ranges with a filled circle representing the 50th percentile.
[2] box color. If this is set to 0, the colors may be individually controlled using the global variable _pcolor.

Min/max style for the box symbol. One of the following


Minimum and maximum taken from the actual limits of the data. Elements 4 and 5 are ignored.


Statistical standard with the minimum and maximum calculated according to interquartile range as follows:

  • intqrange = 75th - 25th
  • min = 25th - 1.5 intqrange
  • max = 75th + 1.5 intqrange
  • Elements 4 and 5 are ignored.

Minimum and maximum percentiles taken from elements 4 and 5.

[4] Minimum percentile value (0-100) if _pboxctl[3] = 3.
[5] Maximum percentile value (0-100) if _pboxctl[3] = 3.

1xM vector or scalar as follows:

0 Plot boxes only, no symbols.
1 Plot boxes and plot symbols which lie outside the min and max box values.
2 Plot boxes and all symbols.
-1 Plot symbols only, no boxes.

These capabilities are in addition to the usual line control capabilities of _plctrl.


1xM vector or scalar for symbol colors. If scalar, all symbols will be one color.


If missing values are encountered in the y data, they will be ignored